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全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875
全部雜誌1年10期月刊 + 1期特別版 ( 除加拿大雜誌除外 ) | 本港包郵 | WHATSPP: (852) 62862875

Competition (English)

Bayard’s Dream Big and Write Writing Competition ( English )

  Look at the picture below. What do you see? Now use your imagination and creativity to
come up with a story and a title of up to 500 words from this picture.



English writing competition
  1. One-week Harrow International holiday camp
  2. Faust’s holiday programme
  3. Full year subscription of AdventureBox
1st Runner Up
  1. One-week Harrow International holiday camp
  2. Ascent Prep Education Centre.$800 English tuition class coupon
  3. Half year subscription of AdventureBox
2nd Runner Up
  1. Kids gallery ‘s selected festive workshop and $500 voucher
  2. Half year subscription of AdventureBox

Rules & Requirements

  • Entry is free.
  • Entries must be written in English.
  • Competition is open to Hong Kong residents only.
  • Only one entry per person (and no group submissions)
  • The aim of the competition is to use the picture supplied as a starting place to make up and write a story and give it a title.
  • There is only one category in the English writing competition: 5 to 14 years old. Maximum 500 words.
  • Entries must be submitted online by midnight on 1 January 2019.
  • Late entries will not be accepted.
  • Entries must be uploaded onto or emailed to . Entries received on paper or via post will not be accepted.
  • Please make sure every entry has you and your child’s contact details (see our registration form). This is to make sure we can contact you if your entry is chosen as a winner or for publication. Entries without contact details will be automatically excluded from participating in the competition.
  • We would like to use entries for publication and promotional purposes and kindly request Parents/guardians sign and return the relevant authorisation form.
  • Individuals will be notified by email in the event of their entry being selected for publication on the website and their names listed there.


  • The entries will be judged by a panel made up from the Bayard team with the final decision taken by the Editor.
  • Competition winners will be announced on 1 March 2019 on the and winners will be contacted via email.
  • The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.
  • The winners entries, with their names and ages, may be used in publicity campaigns where the parents or guardians have given their consent.
  • Bayard cannot be held responsible if for any reason the contest is postponed, modified or cancelled.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Dream Big and Write – Bayard’s Writing competition is organised by Bayard. Bayard has the right to alter the Competition and Terms or make exceptions without any prior notice.
  2. No entry fee is required, and rights to the story belong to the author.
  3. Bayard reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason, but in particular if any of the Competition Rules have been broken or if the material supplied is offensive and not appropriate.
  4. Bayard will not be responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion or any other problem arising in the submission of entries.
  5. By entering the Bayard Writing competition, you give Bayard permission to contact you with regard to the competition.
  6. Bayard retains the rights to any publicity or marketing activity, which they deem necessary to promote either the Competition or its entrants and their entries.
  7. No personal data relating to the Entrants will be disclosed to any third party without the express permission of the Entrants.
  8. The entries will be judged by a panel made up from the Bayard team with the final decision taken by the Editor.
  9. Bayard reserves the right to edit the entries as deemed necessary for publication.

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